The composite fabrics for clothing production and the matters needing attention
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Clothing is a composite fabrics or multilayer textile materials, non-woven materials and other function material is a binding joint is a new type of material. Composite fabrics and points common composite fabrics (will fabrics and material through the binder bonding and into, so as to improve fabrics texture, suitable for garment processing craft simplified and scale production) and function composite fabrics (after composite fabrics have waterproof breathable, resist radiation, washing, wear resistance, and other special function).

The door of the composite fabrics of limited to two kinds of fabric, the size of the compound before general can reach 145 CM. If is knitted fabric of composite, the front door on mentioned, the knitting fabric width than cotton kind of woven cloth to wide. Varieties have the following kinds: woven fabrics and composite way knitted fabric compound; Knitting fabric knitted fabric and compound; Woven cloth woven cloth and compound. Sports leisure class use compound knitting clothing, knitting and weaving fabric effect, flexibility is not good, so in this kind of clothing, more popular consumer eyes or popularity.

Composite fabrics of constituent equation: two kinds of fabrics purchasing back finished product (see woven cloth or knitting process)-- > composite film factory-- > maintenance treatment plant-> middle late-> fabric finishing plant complete compound each lot of fabric are to effective maintenance treatment and go to the opposite of the fabric insert film (film is a kind of similar to the nylon membrane of the transparent material), use chemical materials, and then into the maintenance treatment adhesive, maintenance treatment, the longer the lining fusing of the fastness and adhesives, generally better fusion degree of domestic adhesive need three days of maintenance time, import adhesive need for five days or longer, to let adhesives fully into fabrics and film, in between the length of time can also affect the next and positive face ?

After maintenance treatment on the opposite side of the complete, then the same compound, positive fabrics to maintenance treatment, note the positive, the composite fabrics of positive and negative, try to avoid silk strands aligned severe weft, straight up the silk and wait for a phenomenon.

It is important to emphasize that after compound fabrics, can't again, even if the use of composite materials for stripping, also can greatly affect the yarn fabric, will become more and more hard, and in sewing garments, fabrics are very easy to be broken. Acupuncture Due to the use of adhesive patch is chemistry class of materials, the fabric of nylon class, there will be a certain physical reaction, therefore suggest that we recommend customers to use polyester fabrics of, can effectively control before the color of fabric compound after compound color, and water pressure resistance, air index all have certain effect, the composite fabrics tend to appear edge way is not neat, so it must be composite plant processing machine, which is conducive to clothing factory cut out.

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