PU leather and PVC leather major difference
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Average person will put leather outside of the synthetic leather, PU, PVC such as: leather collectively referred to as artificial leather or copy skin. PVC, PU are polyvinyl chloride (plastic in a), but the two products manufacturing process of it in the same way. PVC leather in the manufacturing process of first plastic particles will melt mixing into paste, according to the rules of the uniform thickness coated in T/C knitted fabrics, and then into the bottom "foaming furnace in foam, make its have can adapt to the production of various kinds of different products, different requirements of the soft degrees, in came in surface treatment (dyeing, embossing, polish, extinction, grinding surface fabric, etc, mainly is the concrete product in accordance with requirement).

PU leather in the manufacturing process than PVC leather is more complicated, because the bottom of PU cloth is tensile strength good canvas PU materials, in addition to coating in the bottom of the cloth on the outside, still can be contained in the middle, make cloth outside watching the existence of what not cloth. PU leather physical performance than PVC leather, good twists and turns, flexibility is good, tensile strength, has the permeability (PVC none). PVC leather decorative pattern is through the decorative pattern of steel roller and a hot pressing; PU leather decorative pattern is to use a pattern of paper ReTie pressure in the first of semi-finished products, waiting for cooling down surface more paper leather of separation, will do surface treatment. PU: the price is twice as tall as the PVC leather to above, some special requirements of PU leather price than PVC leather to high 2-3 times. General PU leather need paper can only use the decorative pattern of 4-5 times namely scrap; Decorative pat.


The two kinds of materials and the applicable scope of the has a certain difference. In shoes, PVC leather multi-purpose in material or the bear in the parts of the weight, or manufacturing children; PU leather can be applicable to the shoes or bear the weight of the parts fabrics. In the bag bag, applicable more is PVC leather. This is because the items bag bag is different from in the shoe wear feet, won't send out heat; Need not bear the weight of individual.
PU, PVC way is relatively easy, the difference between the bottom corner from watching PU cloth than PVC thick many, feel there are also differences between the soft, PU some; The PVC feel is hard some; Also can burn with fire, the taste of PU than PVC taste to light many.

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